Performance Based Test Taking Stratagies

How do I prepare for certification exam such as the RHCSA (Redhat Certified Systems Administrator), RHCE ( Redhat Certified Systems Engineer), LFCS (Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator)?

This is a question I am asked often so I decided to post up 10 quick tips I often send out to people looking to sit one of these exams.

  1. When preparing, be able to talk yourself through a solution. In fact, talk somebody else through your solution.

  2. Keep an eye on your time.

  3. Read all questions and group them together by similar actions. e.g. All disk partitioning grouped together. You do not want to get through the exam and realize you need to undo some work or re-work a previous solution based on a subsequent question.

  4. Using something like SSH to remote into your servers is faster than going through a virtualized GUI.

  5. Have a running list of packages you know you need/want to install and do them all at once.

  6. Copy and paste where you can. Do not let a typo trip you up in a configuration issue.

  7. Remember where to find the data instead of memorizing everything. Use the man pages and /usr/share/doc effectively.

  8. Be sure you know how to test your solutions.

  9. Reboot as often as possible. You do not want to find out something does not work after a reboot only 10 minutes from the exam's end.

  10. Try to go through the exam once completing all of the tasks you know how to do very well. Use the remaining time to check your work and spend more time on the tasks which do not come to your right away.

I hope this helps.