Recording Sessions with Sudoreplay

While looking in to a way to record a terminal I came across sudoreplay. Sudoreplay is something some of you may know, may have known but forgotten, and for some this might be brand new. For me I was part of the last group. Here is the man page if you want read up on it real quick. http://bit. »

Performance Based Test Taking Stratagies

How do I prepare for certification exam such as the RHCSA (Redhat Certified Systems Administrator), RHCE ( Redhat Certified Systems Engineer), LFCS (Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator)? This is a question I am asked often so I decided to post up 10 quick tips I often send out to people looking to sit one of these exams. When preparing, be able »

Git Cheat Sheet

This is based off the Git Cheat Sheet GitHub hands out at conferences. I've used it many times to remind me about the commands I commonly forget so I figured I'd post it here as well. Configure Tooling Configure user information for all local repositories. Sets the name you want attached to your commit transactions $ git config --global »

Vagrant Introduction

Vagrant Introduction The problem: I need to test something or learn something new and it takes too long to get a clean machine up and running. The problem: Well it works on MY machine. Why not yours? On their site their tag line is "Create and configure lightweight, reporducible, and portable development environments." On their site they show it is »

fsck it!

Lets just get it out there. Okay, okay, okay OKAY! Lets get this started. Maybe I'll write more about what I want this site to be later on. For now Post #1 is done. On to the next one. »